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Church Council

Senior Pastor Curt Langendorff

Co-Pastor Noreen Langendorff

Assisting Pastor Chad Hoskins

Youth Pastor David Betts

Diane Pennell, Deaconess

Sue Menge, Deaconess

Tahan Wichman, Deacon

Steve Klippenes, Elder



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Ministry Leadership

Children's Ministry-Pastor Noreen Langendorff,  Pastor Meghan Hoskins, Tia Pollard, Christine Wichman

Teen Ministry- David Betts

Women's Ministry- Pastor Noreen Langendorff, Marcia Smith

G.U.T.T.S. Men's Ministry- Pastor Chad Hoskins

Small Group Ministry/Home Fellowship Groups - Pastor Chad Hoskins

Administrative Assistant - Ginger Curtis

Ministry of Helps/The Levite Team

Young Persons Security- Pastors Curt and Noreen Langendorff

Marriage & Family Ministry- Pastors Curt & Noreen Langendorff & Kathy Zimmerman

Personal Counseling- Kathy Zimmerman

Adult Education and Discipleship- Pastor Curt Langendorff

Facility & Sound System- Doug Pollard

Computer & Multimedia- Tahan Wichman

Web Page Administrator- Shari Tindall

Prayer & Intercession- Pastor Noreen Langendorff, Marcia Smith, and Ginger Curtis

Music Director- Pastor Noreen Langendorff

Worship Leaders- Pastor Noreen Langendorff, Dale Langendorff & Terri Selph

Worship Service Accompanist- Arlene Gollihugh & Ginger Curtis